Ventura County Family Justice Center

Ventura County Family Justice Center

Camp Hope

Creating Opportunities for Children in Our Community

Camp HOPE America is the first evidence-based camping and mentoring program for children exposed to trauma in the United States. Our goal is to give children and teens their childhood back and help them find a Pathway to HOPE. Our vision is to break the generational cycle of family violence by offering healing and hope to children and adults who have witnessed and been impacted by family violence.

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Camp Hope Guiding Principles

Camp HOPE uses a science-backed approach to inspire lasting hope in campers.
All activities are focused on:

Providing affirmation by showing campers that they are doing well.
Creating pathways to hope by showing campers that they can find multiple ways to achieve their goals.
Celebrating individuals by showing campers their own unique gifts and abilities.
Being solutions-centered by showing campers that they have the ability to solve problems in creative ways.
Highlighting empowerment by showing campers that their pasts can urge them toward brighter futures.

At Camp HOPE, we use fun-filled avenues to bring HOPE into campers’ lives. At camp, we discuss important life lessons such as the value of forgiveness, the future is brighter than the past, and that we all need each other. Campers learn about role models who have overcome difficult times and chosen to do good things with their lives. Campers are challenged with trust and team-building exercises such as rock climbing and yoga and empowered with character trait awards. Using meaningful activities, we create an environment where kids feel safe, seen, encouraged, and loved.