Ventura County Family Justice Center

Camp Hope

Creating Opportunities for Children in Our Community

All too often, those facing violence or abuse suffer in silence as fear, confusion and lack of access discourage them from getting much-needed help and support. Ventura County FJC simplifies this overwhelming process by providing a caring, safe environment where victims and their families can access the comprehensive resources they need to recover, heal and break the cycle of violence.

Camp Hope Guiding Principles

Camp HOPE uses a science-backed approach to inspire lasting hope in campers.
All activities are focused on:

Providing affirmation by showing campers that they are doing well.
Creating pathways to hope by showing campers that they can find multiple ways to achieve their goals.
Celebrating individuals by showing campers their own unique gifts and abilities.
Being solutions-centered by showing campers that they have the ability to solve problems in creative ways.
Highlighting empowerment by showing campers that their pasts can urge them toward brighter futures.